Kiln Dried Alder Logs

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  • Authentic Firewood Smell
  • Bright & Lively Flame
  • Moisture Less Than 20%
  • Ready to Burn

Alder can be used on open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves and pizza ovens. Alder firewood is similar

to birch firewood, however, in our opinion, alder gives off a higher heat output.

It smells lovely when burning, Offers a quick heat output and gives off a nice bright & lively flame.

All of our firewood is certified with the Ready to Burn scheme. This gives you peace of mind that all of our

firewood is properly kiln dried, And has a moisture content of 20% or less.

Is alder a good wood to burn?

Alder is both softer and lighter than most other hardwoods like ash, oak, or birch. It burns hot, and more quickly too, but is easy to light and is popular because of its lively orange tint and authentic aroma.

Its swift heat output removes the chill from a room, and we recommend it to people who use their appliance for a couple Of hours in an evening or those that struggle to get their fire started.

Is kiln-dried wood worth it?


All the firewood we sell are suitable to use in solid fuel boilers, stoves, campfires, fireplaces, hearths and open fires and Wood-fired pizza ovens. The owners of any heating equipment’s (from small stoves to large boilers) will find suitable firewood at an affordable price.

The logs are cut and split to the length of: 25cm

Our kiln dried logs are dried in our automated purpose-built kiln to produce timber that’s as dry as possible using Biomass Technology fueled from the by-product created in our sawmills – nothings goes to waste.

With No additional drying time required kiln dried logs can be stored anywhere, indoors or out!

Kiln dried logs give more heat, burn cleaner and longer. A cleaner burn results in a cleaner flue and stove glass and crucially, less pollution.

Drier wood means constant flame and burn time as well as a cozy warmth for your home.

Product Size Medium Net Bag
Approx. Product Weight 9kg
Fuel Specification
Product Type Wood, Fire Pit Fuel, Cooking Woods, Pizza Oven Wood
Wood Species Alder
Type of Wood Hardwood
Kiln Dried Yes
Log Length 25cm
Moisture Content Less Than 20%
Place of Origin Europe
Responsibly Sourced Yes
Ready To Burn Yes
Burning Features Attractive Flame, Clean Burn, Easy to Light, High Heat Output, Low Ash Residue, Low CO₂, Low Smoke Output, Homely Aroma
Suitable For
Burning Appliance Solid fuel boilers, Multi fuel stoves, Campfires, Open Fires, Chimneys, Wood Stoves, Fire pits, Pizza Ovens

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