Sawdust Briquettes

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  • Long Burn Duration
  • Cost Effective
  • Fuel Environmentally Friendly
  • Compact & Easy to Store
  • 12 Briquettes Per Pack

Wood sawdust briquettes are 100% ecologically clean solid fuel, usually produced from a mixture of hardwood and softwood sawdust, suitable for use in all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces.

The product is made from environmentally friendly sawdust, which has not been chemically treated.

A superior type of heat log that is a cost effective fuel choice for your wood burner or multi-fuel stove.

Each pack contains 12 individual briquettes.

Briquettes are made by grinding wood shavings and sawdust into a homogeneous pulp and form into a briquette under very high pressure. The sawdust which is used in the manufacture of our briquettes provides the best calorific value.

These modern, high performing briquettes are easy to handle, stack and store. They are more economic than logs and burn for longer, at a higher temperature. This briquette is made from hardwood, and therefore burns for 20% longer than softwood products. Along with this, as with most briquettes available on the market, you can expect some expansion when burning, so be sure not to overfill the appliance! We would recommend 2 - 3 briquettes at a time for optimum burning.

These briquettes are perfect for use on a wood burning stove or multi-fuel appliance.


  • A slow burning fuel, with a consistent heat output
  • A natural and environmentally friendly product
  • Easy and convenient to store
  • More cost effective than traditional firewood


Light your fire as normal with your kindling, once the kindling is flaming away, add 2 - 3 birch blocks to the fire.

Briquettes expand while burning so be sure not to overfill your appliance.

The briquettes will give off a nice flame initially, once burnt through, they will start the smoulder/ glow more than flame. Once the briquettes have broken down in size, add a couple more blocks on if you want to keep the fire lit for longer.

Once burnt through, the ash produced from the briquettes retains heat. Be sure that the ashes have cooled properly Before cleaning out your appliance.

Product Weight 10kg
Fuel Specification
Product Type Briquette, Fire Pit Fuel
Wood Species Birch
Type of Wood Hardwood
Humidity 6-8%
Ash Percentage 1.1%
Energy Value 18170MJ
Place of Origin Europe
Responsibly Sourced Yes
Ready To Burn Yes
Suitable For
Burning Appliance Easy to Light, Easy to Control, Easy to Store, High Heat Output, Long Burn, Low Smoke Output

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